The Spay Day HRM program is not accepting any new applications for spay/neuter or TNR until 2014. We are currently backed up with hundreds of applications and have very limited funds.

The need in this city for help with cats is great. I encourage you to discuss this dire situation with your city councillor. Their addresses and phone numbers can be found here:

The SPCA has a new low-cost spay and neuter clinic at the shelter in Burnside. If you are on assistance or have a low income, you would qualify to have your cats spayed or neutered there for a small fee. We can help to drive the cat to the appointment and/or provide use of a cat carrier if you have an appointment at the SPCA clinic, or any other clinic.

Requests are coming in for help with kittens, abandoned and starving cats, cats in need of rescue and large colonies of cats. We receive dozens of requests daily and can no longer keep up, even with the correspondence. We are a small organization with limited means. It is important to address the current backlog of applications before we move forward with any new requests.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

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The Spay Day Program is a special initiative to address the cat over-population crisis in HRM by assisting students & low-income families to spay & neuter their cat. This charitable program has altered over 535 cats to date. Please support the following clinics who have donated generously to the Spay Day program & the community. Without their support this program would not be the success that it is:

  • ATLANTIC CAT HOSPITAL 612 Quinpool Road, Halifax 423-7877
  • CARNEGY ANIMAL HOSPITAL 7 Langbrae Drive, Halifax 457-1575
  • PETFOCUS BEDFORD SOUTH #314 – 15 Peakview Way, Bedford 445-8387
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The Spay Day HRM program operates on donations & fundraising. Approved applications are placed in a waiting list and you will be contacted when an appointment can be made for your cat at a clinic. Send your application and we will assist you when we are able. There are many many cats in HRM that need help. In the mean time, keep your cat safe indoors, and try to prevent pregnancy.

Please consider attending or assisting with a fundraising event. For information on how or where to donate, please click the tab above that says “Donate”. Thank you for your support.

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