Canada 150

Spay Day HRM Society is pleased to announce our receipt of a new $15,000 grant from PetSmart Charities of Canada. In celebration of Canada’s 150th year of confederation, PetSmart Charities of Canada is granting $150,000 to help pets from coast to coast. One animal welfare agency in each province will be selected to receive a $15,000 grant, and in Nova Scotia, Spay Day HRM Society was the winning grant applicant. We plan to use the $15,000 grant to spay or neuter 150 cats for families who believe in the importance of controlling pet overpopulation, but who may not have the financial resources to pay for the procedure. Thank You PetSmart Charities of Canada!!

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2000-bannerpicmonkey-collageBuster has been roaming the streets in Greenwood Heights Timberlea for over 3 years. Some kind neighbours were feeding this fella and had a nice outdoor shelter for him to sleep in. He was brought in to the vet when they noticed he was lame in the back end. As you can see Buster has lots of war wounds from fighting for love. Well, Busters fighting days are over, he is Spay Day cat # 2,000. We are hoping to find Buster an indoor home, so he can rest in luxury.
UPDATE: BUSTER HAS GONE TO A FOSTER-TO-ADOPT SITUATION WITH A LADY WHO HAS GOOD EXPERIENCE WITH RESCUES. He is on meds for pain and infection. He is blind in one eye from an untreated injury and had the eye removed. The pressure in his eye was building & there was continual discharge. He has also had extensive dental work. Buster’s medical costs will be around $2,000. Anyone who would like to celebrate 2,000 spays/neuters by donating towards his medical costs can (a) send an e-transfer to (b) mail a cheque payable to Spay Day HRM, 40 Lier Ridge, Halifax B3P 0C7 (c) donate through the Canada Helps web page. Be sure to include your postal address so we can forward you a charitable tax receipt.
Thanks to Dr. Mosher at Tantallon Veterinary hospital for taking care of Buster.

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We closed out 2016 with a generous grant of $5,000 from PetSmart Charities of Canada. In 2016 we spay/neutered 486 cats and completed the adoption of 238 cats & kittens.  

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This year our annual World Spay Day event will focus on the owned cats of the Indian Brook reserve. Spay Day, SPCA, Pick of the Litter, and other rescues have all been taking kittens from this community in the past year. We’ll probably be looking at over 100 owned cats so it will be our biggest organizational challenge yet. We will be looking for drivers and volunteers later in February. Donations towards our World Spay event are welcome and will receive a charitable tax receipt. Stay tuned for updates.wsd2017_logo_color_jpg

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Barn Cat Promo

Global news followed one of our barn cat releases. Click on the link for the full story.

Halifax cats not suitable for adoption find new homes in barns

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Our recent fundraising bake sale at Maritime Centre on Barrington Street. Our 2017 kitten calendar is selling well. Get your copy soon before we sell out!


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Check out our Facebook page for pics from the Strutting for Rescue event.


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Our World Spay Day event for 2016 was a great success. We spayed and neutered 42 cats from Mulgrave Park and N.E. Dartmouth. We need to thank Belinda Young and Amy Wilson who put out flyers throughout Mulgrave Park on a bitterly cold night. Thanks to Crystal at the Jarvis Lane Caring & Learning Centre for encouraging people to register and for collecting up some of the applications. Our volunteer drivers were Marie Leloup, Cindy Murpy, Ellen & David Langley, Claire Reddick & Brian, Pat Lee, Lynn Fitzgerald & Tracey Hall, and Marina Huygen. They were out picking up cats at 7 am. Thanks to Gordon for juggling carriers and helping shuffle cats too. Special thanks to Inge Sadler & Pick of the Litter Society for partnering on our veterinary costs for the day. Thanks also to Dr. Pollard and her team at the SPCA Low-Cost Clinic in Burnside for the special work they will do in their spay/neuter clinic. And thanks to Dr. Hammid & Dr. Kahn at the Lady Hammond Animal Hospital who are nicely took in our overflow of cats and doing spays & neuters as well. It was a very busy day and as I always say, TEAM SPAY DAY ROCKS!



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KrissyAs 2015 draws to a close, we share our success with our supporters. In 2015 we spayed & neutered 394 cats. We adopted out and rehomed 201 cats, of which 103 were kittens. That is 103 kittens that were not given away for free and allowed to reproduce or get tossed away when they grew in to an adult. Many of the kittens were spay/neutered this year and the remaining kittens will be done in 2016 when they turn six months old. Since we started in 2011 we have spayed & neutered a grand total of 1,432 cats. We helped many low income famlies to have their cats fixed and created more community relationships. All this was possible with the help of our volunteers; drivers, foster homes, adopters, donors, fundraisers. Special thanks to all the veterinary clinics and their staff who take such great care of the cats we bring them. Thanks to our adoption partner, PetSmart Bedford because without them we would not be able to adopt out so many adult cats. Thank you to Royal Canin, our adoption & pet food partner. Your support provides valuable nutrition for all our rescued cats & especially our kittens. Our vet bills alone were were over $90,000 and that is a lot of fundraising events, donations, and adoption fees. 2015 proves that Spay Day supporters & volunteers are once again the absolute best! Happy New Year everyone!!

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