The Spay Day HRM program operates on donations & fundraising. We do not always have funds available to help more cats. Approved applications are placed in a waiting list and you will only be contacted when an appointment can be made for your cat at a clinic. Send your application and we will assist you when we are able. It may take months. There are many many cats in HRM that need help and we receive hundreds of applications. In the mean time, keep your cat safe indoors, and try to prevent pregnancy.

To obtain an application to have your cat spayed or neutered, click on the tab above that says Spay/Neuter Application. Complete the application and send it back, either by email or Canada Post.

Requests are coming in for help with kittens, abandoned and starving cats, cats in need of rescue and large colonies of cats. We receive dozens of requests daily and some weeks it is difficult to keep up, even with just the correspondence and calls. We are a small organization with limited means. We try our best to address the current backlog of applications before we move forward with new requests. When contacting for help with a cat or kittens, please include as much information as possible including your full name, address, telephone number, the age and sex of the cat and as much information on the cat as possible.

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