Our World Spay Day event for 2016 was a great success. We spayed and neutered 42 cats from Mulgrave Park and N.E. Dartmouth. We need to thank Belinda Young and Amy Wilson who put out flyers throughout Mulgrave Park on a bitterly cold night. Thanks to Crystal at the Jarvis Lane Caring & Learning Centre for encouraging people to register and for collecting up some of the applications. Our volunteer drivers were Marie Leloup, Cindy Murpy, Ellen & David Langley, Claire Reddick & Brian, Pat Lee, Lynn Fitzgerald & Tracey Hall, and Marina Huygen. They were out picking up cats at 7 am. Thanks to Gordon for juggling carriers and helping shuffle cats too. Special thanks to Inge Sadler & Pick of the Litter Society for partnering on our veterinary costs for the day. Thanks also to Dr. Pollard and her team at the SPCA Low-Cost Clinic in Burnside for the special work they will do in their spay/neuter clinic. And thanks to Dr. Hammid & Dr. Kahn at the Lady Hammond Animal Hospital who are nicely took in our overflow of cats and doing spays & neuters as well. It was a very busy day and as I always say, TEAM SPAY DAY ROCKS!



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