Barn Cat Promo

Global news followed one of our barn cat releases. Click on the link for the full story.

Halifax cats not suitable for adoption find new homes in barns

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One Response to Barn Cat Promo

  1. Lynne FitzGerald says:

    Spay day is so sucessful because it is run by a dedicated group of cat lovers, (and their volunteers), who are compassionate and practical. They have learned to value every dollar they have to spend on getting lost, scared, hungry cats off the dangerous streets. They are in touch with all the cat groups whose sole purpose is to reunite lost cats with their owners and rehome those who have lost their homes by various means. It has been wonderrul this year to finally have the city recognise these men and woman and also at long last donate towards this worthy project. Already we are seeing a difference because of it. For years it was impossible to get a cat into a place like Bide A while or SPCa as they were always at capacity. Now with this Spay Day (and others) being able to do more, There is now room in the shelters. They fill up quickly but before, there was never room…Keep up the good work and keep up withthe funding. It is probably one of the best bangs for the buck that the city has ever seen. Most of the people involved also work full time and use their spare time to help find these cats a safe place to live.

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