Buster’s Story

2000-bannerpicmonkey-collageBuster has been roaming the streets in Greenwood Heights Timberlea for over 3 years. Some kind neighbours were feeding this fella and had a nice outdoor shelter for him to sleep in. He was brought in to the vet when they noticed he was lame in the back end. As you can see Buster has lots of war wounds from fighting for love. Well, Busters fighting days are over, he is Spay Day cat # 2,000. We are hoping to find Buster an indoor home, so he can rest in luxury.
UPDATE: BUSTER HAS GONE TO A FOSTER-TO-ADOPT SITUATION WITH A LADY WHO HAS GOOD EXPERIENCE WITH RESCUES. He is on meds for pain and infection. He is blind in one eye from an untreated injury and had the eye removed. The pressure in his eye was building & there was continual discharge. He has also had extensive dental work. Buster’s medical costs will be around $2,000. Anyone who would like to celebrate 2,000 spays/neuters by donating towards his medical costs can (a) send an e-transfer to felix@eastlink.ca (b) mail a cheque payable to Spay Day HRM, 40 Lier Ridge, Halifax B3P 0C7 (c) donate through the Canada Helps web page. Be sure to include your postal address so we can forward you a charitable tax receipt.
Thanks to Dr. Mosher at Tantallon Veterinary hospital for taking care of Buster.

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