Barn Cat Program

Not all of the cats we take into rescue are adoptable into homes for various reasons. Some are feral, some have litter box issues, some are semi feral and a few just prefer to live their lives in an outside environment.

All of our cats are tested for disease and spayed or neutered.

There is no adoption fee for these cats, in return we ask that they be fed on a regular basis and kept an eye on.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page for some testimonials from barns that received our cats.

If you would like more information on this program, please email  or

mice poster

TESTIMONIAL: We brought “Dr Claw” home about a month ago for our barn. In the last two weeks not only do we no longer see mice or rats, we don’t even find the droppings. This variety of rodent control has worked out incredibly well for our farm!  We are so happy with “Dr. Claw” that we are getting him 2 roommates to help him work.

dr claw

TESTIMONIAL:  River and her new ‘friends’. I’m picking up a dead mouse off the barn floor every other day, so it looks like she’s doing her job- though she doesn’t seem to be eating them, I guess cat food tastes better.


TESTIMONIAL:  These two young brothers, were locked in for a week. After the week she didn’t see them any more. The first day they left a dead mouse beside their food dish, as if to say “we just paid you for our dinner.”  “I still don’t see them, but every day the food is eaten and within one week I had no more rodents in my barn. They earn their fresh food & water every day.” Their owner was so pleased with their work that she bought them a heated bed for the cold winter months which is being used because it is full of cat hair.

barn cats