Barn Cat Program


Not all of the cats we take into rescue are adoptable into homes for various reasons. Some are feral, some have litter box issues, some are semi feral and a few just prefer to live their lives in an outside environment.

*All of our cats are tested for disease and spayed or neutered.

There is no adoption fee for these cats, in return we ask that they be fed on a regular basis and kept an eye on.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page for some testimonials from barns that received our cats.

If you would like more information on this program, please email  or

mice poster


Click on the link to watch one of our barn cats at work

Barn cat at work video

The cats are doing amazing within 2 days half the rats are gone we have the cats on one side of the barn right now where they will be for a week then we can let them out to the other side of the barn which has the loft which I know they will love. They have rooted out all the rats on the side of the barn they are on we don’t see them but they eat and drink and have nice beds when they want them. We named them Sparrow and Autumn.

Hi! Peca Gallagher is awesome! We think she is no longer feral. She is perfect for our family. Mice in the garage moved out. Peca is thriving. Here is Peca Gallagher with her new sidekick. Thank you! 


Well little miss Roo and mister Scout are best friends with Jack and Jill as well…. and are no longer skinny lol. They both look like they ate bowling balls HAHA. They are not starving… nor are they cold as they spend their days in the heated tack room. The boarders ADORE them , and Scout is STILL my fav. He craves attention and will jump to get to the hand for a pat. Roo is still shy and doesn’t quite like many touching her , but stays with crowd , doesn’t run from us and purrs as we feed. And plays with toys – ADORABLE. Just wanted to say thanks – they are AMAZING cats – and the entire barn of boarders adore them.

I can’t get over how well they have settled in both follow people around and love to be where the action is. Started off being food motivated but now the just like the attention. A real success story here thanks for all your help.

Meet Sadie & Patches, 2 of the 6 cats we adopted through Spay Day’s barn cat program. These wonderful cats are keeping our farm rodent free. Below is a small example of their hard work. Spay Day takes unwanted cats, vets them and gives them a much needed purpose. 🐈

My two are doing great! They even let me pet them from time to time… but only very quickly lol. They’re doing their job very well and even left a mouse at the bottom of the chicken coop steps for me. Gotta love when they leave presents :). The cats and chickens get along very well, and now there are baby chicks which they don’t bother at all. 😊 I’m very pleased with One Eyed Willy and Fratelli.😊

one eyed willie

We brought “Dr Claw” home about a month ago for our barn. In the last two weeks not only do we no longer see mice or rats, we don’t even find the droppings. This variety of rodent control has worked out incredibly well for our farm!  We are so happy with “Dr. Claw” that we are getting him 2 roommates to help him work.

dr claw

River and her new ‘friends’. I’m picking up a dead mouse off the barn floor every other day, so it looks like she’s doing her job- though she doesn’t seem to be eating them, I guess cat food tastes better.


These two young brothers, were locked in for a week. After the week she didn’t see them any more. The first day they left a dead mouse beside their food dish, as if to say “we just paid you for our dinner.”  “I still don’t see them, but every day the food is eaten and within one week I had no more rodents in my barn. They earn their fresh food & water every day.” Their owner was so pleased with their work that she bought them a heated bed for the cold winter months which is being used because it is full of cat hair.

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