Cats Available for Adoption


Adults  – $150

Kittens (under 1 year) $200  * includes their spay or neuter when they turn six months old at one of the 10 clinics that work with Spay Day.

* All of our cats have had a veterinary check-up. They have been treated for fleas and worms, tested for feline leukemia and FIV, spayed/neutered (over 6 months) and vaccinated.

The adoption application is now available here on the website. Click on the tab and print off a copy to complete. Thanks.

A note about urinary diet requirements: Urinary food is a special food fed to cats to prevent urinary crystals that cause blockages. Cats on urinary food will generally avoid future urinary problems if kept on the urinary food, available in both dry and wet. At one time this food was only available from veterinary clinics. Now pet stores such as PetSmart sell urinary food. Hills sells a urinary canned & dry food from pet stores. And all the Royal Canin dry food from veterinary clinics is urinary rated. With a high quality cat food your costs are not much more because you feed less so a bag lasts as long as the cheap stuff. And by spending a bit more on quality food you avoid veterinary costs due to weight, digestive, urinary or other health problems. Don’t be afraid of cats that require a urinary diet, they are among the most wonderful cats we rescue.

BeFunky Collage

This litter will be ready for adoption in another week or two. 3 females, 2 males.






These girls are 10 years old and their human recently passed away. They are looking for a quiet type forever home. They are already spayed, we will update their vaccines and get them a good check-up. They have never been outside. Minni, black & white, very friendly, special diet (urinary). Calico (tortie), a bit shy with strangers.


Medina is 6 years old. She is a long haired tabby with white who loves to have her coat brushed. Quiet cat who loves to lay in the sun. We even had her teeth cleaned so she is sparkling for her forever home.


Mister cropped

Mister is 3 years old, lovable and ready for adoption. He is a handsome fella that likes to cuddle with you, lovable, outgoing and friendly. Good with children, even let them rub his belly.  **requires special urinary diet**



This beautiful tortoiseshell is about 4-5 years old. This shy girl was bullied by the other cats in her home so she needs to be the only pet. She is very very sweet once she learns to trust you. No adoption fee to the right home.



Big Buddy  (black) & Jay (ginger) have bonded in their foster home. Big Buddy needs to maintain a urinary diet. They will be shy at first but once they are comfortable with you, very affectionate. Big Buddy will follow you around the house and be where you are. Jay looks to Buddy for his confidence so it would be great if they could find a home together. Great cats for someone with cat experience and who is willing to give them the time they will need to adjust in a new home. Buddy was found abandoned in Halifax where some nice folks had been feeding him for quite a while. He has adjusted to life back inside just fine. Jay was a former feral and is more shy. You could meet these 2 handsome fella’s in their foster home. **Buddy requires a urinary diet**  Summer vacation time, special adoption fee of $150 for both together.



Courtesy posting, assisting the Sackville Animal Hospital to find a great forever home for Tig. You can meet Tig and apply for adoption directly at the Sackville Animal Hospital. They will be looking for the best match for her personality and needs.


4 Responses to Cats Available for Adoption

  1. geminigirl1 says:

    Hello, I am interested in meeting the feral momma cat you rescued on Canada Day. I have a male Great Pyrennes, who is 4.5, and a 7 year old male cat. My feral female died at 18 2 years ago.

    • The mother cat rescued on Canada Day was not feral. She was friendly and has gone to the SPCA for adoption. Her kittens were feral as they were born outside and had not yet had any human contact.

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