Cats Available for Adoption


Adults  – $150

Kittens (under 1 year) $200  * includes their spay or neuter when they turn six months old at one of the 10 clinics that work with Spay Day.

* All of our cats have had a veterinary check-up. They have been treated for fleas and worms, tested for feline leukemia and FIV, spayed/neutered (over 6 months) and vaccinated.

The adoption application is now available here on the website. Click on the tab and print off a copy to complete. Thanks.







This black beauty is Rita, she is loving and playful. Rita would do well in an active home with kids over 5.  You can meet Rita in her foster home.

Paula Peggy

Sisters Peggy and Paula were surrendered by a home with too many cats. They are both under 2 years old. They need some more time getting used to their new life and will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks. They are very bonded and we will adopt them together.


I am a beautiful, healthy girl, 4 years old, part siamese/tortoiseshell as you can see. I’m a little quirky, sometimes saucy, very loving and I will want to sit on your lap and purr. I enjoy having my ears and head scratched but usually not the rest of me. I am very quiet but I also love to play. I am a little independent and know what I want. As a kitten I had a very rough time but for the past two years I have been queen of the castle in an apartment with a senior lady. I would probably not be happy with other pets or small children. I am looking for a quiet single person or couple who will love me as I am now loved. My person has to move and cannot take me (long term foster home) so I’m packing up, moving on and bringing my own stuff (litter box and cat tree).

A note about urinary diet requirements: Urinary food is a special food fed to cats to prevent urinary crystals that cause blockages. Cats on urinary food will generally avoid future urinary problems if kept on the urinary food, available in both dry and wet. All the Royal Canin dry food from veterinary clinics is urinary rated. With a high quality cat food your costs are not much more because you feed less so a bag lasts as long as the cheap stuff. And by spending a bit more on quality food you avoid veterinary costs due to weight, digestive, urinary or other health problems. Don’t be afraid of cats that require a urinary diet, they are among the most wonderful cats we rescue.

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