Cats Available for Adoption


We have lots & lots of kittens available for adoption. Please read our adoption policy first and send your application by email.



Adults  – $150

Kittens (under 1 year) $200* includes their spay or neuter when they turn six months old at one of the 10 clinics that work with Spay Day.

* All of our cats have had a veterinary check-up. They have been treated for fleas and worms, tested for feline leukemia and FIV, spayed/neutered (over 6 months) and vaccinated.

The adoption application is now available here on the website. Click on the tab and print off a copy to complete. Thanks.



CATS at PETSMART Bedford Commons:





2 yr old Alice came to us after she was left behind when her owner was evicted. She is quiet and relaxed. She enjoys looking out the window and a good love session. She is not a fan of being picked up, but likes to lay next to you on the couch. Alice doesn’t seem to be a fan of other cats, so a pet free home for her please.


Honey is an abandoned cat looking for her forever home. She is estimated to be just over a year old. This absolute sweetie is looking for love and attention. 


Bobo is a little over 3 years old. He came to us in rough shape from a colony of cats and has made an amazing transformation. Bobo has been in foster care for a few months to get used to living indoors and being with humans. He is still a little bit scared, but shouldn’t take very long to warm up. He would do best in a home with no small children or other pets. He loves his wet food treats and he loves to play. The squeaky mice are his favourite toys. He’s got a very big purr and loves head scratches. Bobo will need an adjustment period and some patience until he gets to know you and trust you.

Babes new (1)

Babes is a spayed female roughly 3 years old. Her person was elderly and in and out of hospital for long periods of time so she is used to spending quiet time alone. Because of this she did not have enough handling and human interaction. She would be best in a quiet type home similar to what she had before, without children or other pets, and someone who understands cats. Special adoption fee of  $100.


PENDING – SPECIAL NEEDS: Sweet Darby is 6 months old and in need of a special long term foster home or special adopter. This young guy is super affectionate and loves to be held and snuggle with you. He has a birth defect whereby the opening from his bowel to his anus is restricted. It is unable to be fixed by surgery and there is a chance he could grow out of it. He must be on 100% canned food, special diet with lots of fluids. He also takes stool softener to make sure his stool can pass and occasionally he requires an enema. Darby has a great personality and is awesome in cooperation. His ideal home would be with someone who is at home often who can monitor his litter box and health, provide meds and possibly even the enema. He takes several small meals a day as opposed two large feedings. Darby loves other cats but with restricted diet and litter box monitoring this would need to be carefully managed. We will continue to support his medical care.  He is a loving kitten that deserves to have a great life. A great match for Darby would be a nurse, doctor, vet tech.  If you have visited the Lady Hammond Animal Hospital Darby may have sat on your shoulder, super lovable cat.

Courtesy Posts   (Suitable adopters will be referred for direct adoption from the cat owner)

Dante collageDante (aka Little Man) He will answer to both names. He is 5 years old . He has never been around small children, but has been around dogs most of his life. He tends to nip if someone he doesn’t know tries to pet him. He purrs easily and is very affectionate towards his own people. He is polydactyl in his front paws. He is missing his back right paw. X-rays as a small kitten show it was most likely taken off at birth by an inexperienced mama cat when he was born. It does not hurt or bother him. It is his normal. He can run and jump better than most cats with 4 feet.  His owner is changing living arrangemens and can no longer keep him. 

Dash-Atlas (1)

Five year old cats, sweet, social, curious. Their owner can no longer care for them, they come with all their own stuff. Already spayed and neutered, up to date with vaccines. No medical issues.  They hang out together, often on different levels of the cat tower. They deserve to live with someone who appreciates cats.  They are indoors only.  Friendly companion cats.

New cats

Gizmo (f) & Cosmo (m) are a very bonded brother and sister pair who love each other greatly. They must adopt together. 12 years old, gentle cats that just want to cuddle and love on you. Purrfect for a quiet senior who can provide a quiet home. They deserve to spend their senior years in one place and not be bounced around.  They have no health issues.


This is April a shy 3 year old gal from the Bahamas!
April is a very quiet calm kitty who finally loves to be patted. It took quite some time to get her to this point and she has also has learned how to play with toys while in foster care. Who ever adopts her will need to understand that April will take time to warm up to her new family. She is great company to sit beside you just not a lap cat just yet.
If you are interested in April, contact The Kitten Suites Kitten Rescue Society in Pictou County at



Midnight escaped fr her Spryfield foster home in October 2019 and has not yet been located. Midnight is a female aged 5-7 years. She came into our care when her human suddenly passed away. We had her vaccines updated, her teeth cleaned, vet check-up. She’s ready for the next chapter in her life. Sweet affectionate girl who lived with a senior. Another quiet type of home would suit her well. All black, short haired, golden eyes. 

A note about urinary diet requirements: Urinary food is a special food fed to cats to prevent urinary crystals that cause blockages. Cats on urinary food will generally avoid future urinary problems if kept on the urinary food, available in both dry and wet. All the Royal Canin dry food from veterinary clinics is urinary rated. With a high quality cat food your costs are not much more because you feed less so a bag lasts as long as the cheap stuff. And by spending a bit more on quality food you avoid veterinary costs due to weight, digestive, urinary or other health problems. Don’t be afraid of cats that require a urinary diet, they are among the most wonderful cats we rescue.

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