Rescue – Before & After

Before and after photos of some of the cats we have rescued. We rescue many cats & kittens but in these cases the visual transformation is striking.

bobo collage

Bobo rescued April 2021, Coldbrook area.

BeFunky Collage

Link had a collar wrapped about his neck & leg. It cut a 14″ incision into the muslce in his chest & leg; he suffered for many months outside. Badly infected, the surgery was over 2 hours to clean & repair. We didn’t know if he would live. Link made a full recovery.

BeFunky Collage

Jiffy collage

PicMonkey Image

Rescued from the CN Rail yard, Momma, July 2017


BUSTER rescued from Timberlea, February 2017. Old and living outside for many years. His eye was removed due to an untreated old injury, full dental, infected fight wounds.  He now lives inside, in retirement with a forever home.

Buster Collage

GOTHAM rescued from Fairview, December 2016. Multiple infected bite wounds. 


AJAX rescued from a rural home, September 2016. Flea ridden, filthy & URI.


DODGER rescued from a Mumford Road parking garage, August 2016. Flea ridden, emaciated and dehydrated, filthy.

PicMonkey CollageUntitled

BUSTER was rescued in Halifax, July 2016. He had infected sores all over this body and his skin was quite a mess. With some TLC, good nutrition and antibiotics his skin cleared up nicely.

Buster collage

cedar CEDAR rescued July 2016; very sick, emaciated. We didn’t think he would live. Photo on the right is October 2016 and he is doing well. Gained weight & health.

GATSBY was rescued in Halifax, December 2015. He had a very large and deep infected abscess with putrified skin, on the side of his head. He required extensive surgery to repair it but he healed nicely and now looks good.

Great Gatsby

DELTA was rescued from the car park at the airport in 2013

Delta 2013

IVORY rescued in 2015, Preston. Fleas, earmites, dehydration. Everything was treated and she went on to be adopted to a loving home.


BEN & ROGER (the onion bag boys) – rescued February 2014. These cats were brought to us tied up in onion bags so they would not escape and put in the back of a truck. Despite their humble beginnings they are doing well in a loving home. They remained together.  

Onion boys.jpg

PATTERSON rescued in September 2015 from Armdale/Cowie Hill. Extremely thin, dry bad coat and dehydration. Senior cat adopted to a senior lady. He sits on her knee and hugs her. Very happy adoption.


VICTORIA rescued from north end Dartmouth. The photos say it all.


BOILER BABIES rescued from an industrial site on Prospect Road.

PicMonkey Collage

DALTON rescued from Fairview, April 2016


VALOUR rescued from Fairview, April 2016

Valor collage