Spay-Neuter Application

Spay\Neuter Application

PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE LOTS OF CONTACT INFORMATION! Often we are unable to contact applicants as the phone number has changed and no other contact information has been provided. Answer your telephone when we call. If we cannot reach you, we move on to the next applicant. Please include an email address if possible, one that is checked for messages. Or a phone number of a family member or friend in addition to your phone number. A great number of applications get set aside as we simply cannot reach the people.  Please note if the cat is currenting nursing kittens or has had kittens. We can assist by taking kittens in our adoption program where we screen for good homes and ensure they will be spayed or neutered when of age to do so.

IF YOU ARE SEEKING HELP FOR FERAL CATS (wild unadoptable cats living outside), we parter with the SPCA on a trap-neuter-return program. You can request our help by emailing details to  or through the following link:


(Click here to download a pdf copy to print and mail)

Contact Information for the Cat Owner

Street Address
City  & Postal Code
Home Phone
Cell Phone
E-Mail Address

I am applying for Spay Day assistance in the following category:

Student (please attach a copy of your student ID)
Fixed or Low Income (please attach a copy of your most current T4 or proof of income)
I have recently taken in a stray cat and require assistance(please explain circumstances in the notes area below)


Are you able to contribute any amount to help with the spay\neuter of your cat?  Yes ___     No ____If yes, how much?

Cat Information

Name of cat:
Age of cat:                                                    Note: Cat must be at least 6 months of age
Cat is:  Male ____          Female ____              Does your cat go outside: Yes ___       No ____
Has this cat had vaccinations:  Yes ____      No ____
Has this cat previously been to a veterinarian:   Yes ____          No ____
If yes, what for?
Does this cat have any known health problems?  Yes ____    No _________
If yes, provide details:

Transportation & Assistance

Do you have a vehicle?  Yes ___    No ___
Will you require transportation assistance to take your cat to the clinic to be spayed or neutered?Yes ____         No ____
Do you have a cat carrier (cage) for transportation of your cat to the veterinarian?Yes ____         No ____

Additional information

Agreement and Signature

By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete.


Note: Spay Day is an initiative of a not-for-profit volunteer organization and there will be a limited number of cats that can be assisted. Applications will be processed on a “first-come first-served” basis with priority given to greatest need. You will only be contacted if we are able to assist your cat.

Submit this form:

By mail to:Attention: Spay Day

40 Lier Ridge, Halifax, N.S. B3P 0C7


By email (Copy and Past this page) into your email (fill in the form) and send it to:

Reminder: to include a copy of your student ID or proof of income